Golden Visa Investments in Spain

Citizenship and Residency by Real Estate Investment

Earn a second citizenship and gain advantages beyond the ability and flexibility to travel where you want

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Spanish Residence for Non-EU Citizens

We at Palma Private Office offer the full service package for your EU GOLDEN VISA application with professional assistance during and after the purchase of your property, including a fully serviced asset management.

After approval by both houses of the Spanish Parliament and publication in the Bank of Spain’s Official Gazette, the new law allows Non-EU investors to apply for Spanish residency.

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  • Application takes a maximum 20 days
  • With Spanish citizenship comes automatic EU citizenship
  • Visa allows unlimited travel throughout EU Schengen visa zone
  • Spanish residency visa granted to immediate family members (spouse and children up to 18 years)
  • Renewable for the first five years and permanent residency can be applied for after five years
  • No minimum stay means no necessity to be a tax resident


  • Investment can be in several properties
  • No minimum stay requirement to renew visa (ie optional to live in Spain)
  • Minimum investment of €500,000
  • Property investment can be sold once permanent residency has been obtained
  • Investment must be made before application
  • Positive acceptance (usually only a criminal record will prevent acceptance)
  • Citizenship in Spain can be granted after five further years of permanent residency
  • The person must prove that he/she has travelled to Spain at least once in the first two years and once more in the subsequent 3 years
  • At that point (10 years) family can live, work and study anywhere within Europe
  • Add tax and stamp duty in Spain to any property purchase. Typically an additional 10 – 11%

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